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Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Dealing with a personal injury is a physically and emotionally trying time. That is why finding a skilled Houston Personal Injury Lawyer is vital to getting adequate medical treatment and the most financial help you deserve.

At the office of Attorney José S. López, we deal with an array of personal injury cases and have worked hard to become a trusted Houston personal injury attorney. A few common cases that a personal injury attorney would handle span from car accidents to slip and fall incidents, work injuries, and more. Oftentimes, an injury attorney will represent victims in cases against the negligent responsible party or organization. The office of Attorney Jose S. Lopez represents personal injury clients in the following areas:

If you are unclear as to what may qualify as a personal injury before contacting an injury attorney, here are a few things to consider:

  • Did someone’s negligent behavior cause harm to your physical or mental health? (This includes intentional and unintentional misconduct)
  • Will your injuries require you to seek medical attention?
  • Were your injuries caused by a fall?
  • Were you injured while using a defective product?

Every personal injury case varies in detail, but oftentimes a skilled injury attorney can make a quick assessment of your case and what kind of help you’ll need when provided with these details.

Attorney José S. López is an experienced personal injury attorney that has helped victims with various types of injury cases. Our office will work hard to get you the medical attention and financial relief you deserve. Please contact our office for help with your personal injury case today.

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