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Being involved in an 18 wheeler accident can be one of the most traumatizing and dangerous collisions a driver could ever experience. Although commercial truck drivers must follow strict guidelines behind the wheel, they sometimes don’t.  Enlisting the help of a truck accident attorney is vital to 18 wheeler accident victims to ensure your case is managed fairly, we advise you to contact our lawyers as soon as possible to help the case.

With over 2 million commercial trucks on U.S. highways to date, Texas peaked in 18 wheeler accidents by nearly double the state average across the nation in 2012. Due to the unfortunate, yet common, occurrence of semi-truck accidents, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of truck accident attorneys within the state.

As a knowledgeable Houston truck accident attorney, Attorney José S. López, handles each case with a personal interest in the victims and their families affected by the accident.

The experience and dedication of your truck accident attorney can greatly affect the outcome of your case.  Although each case differs based on the drivers involved, there are some fairly common causes of 18 wheeler accidents. Some of the most common ones, outside of actual auto malfunctions, are on-the-road distractions, traffic flow interruptions, driver fatigue, or irresponsible driving through poor road conditions.

At the office of Attorney Jose S. Lopez, we not only understand the emotional burden an accident brings, but also the physical and financial stresses that come afterward. As an experienced truck accident attorney with a staff of devoted individuals, we work hard to lift those burdens and make sure you get the medical and financial compensation you deserve.

It’s a truck accident attorney’s duty to work with insurance companies to understand and fight for coverage for your accident injuries, as well as payouts covered by your own policy.

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