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Houston Auto Accident Lawyer

With over 2 million auto accident-related injuries in the U.S. per year, the likelihood of being involved in a collision and needing a Houston Car Accident Lawyer is unfortunately high for most drivers ages 15-44 according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel.

At the office of Attorney José S. López, we’ve worked on a vast variety of auto accident-related cases. A few common cases range from:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Failure to control speed/excessive speed
  • Distracted Drivers: Drivers using a cell phone or texting
  • Un-Insured motorist accidents: the person who caused the accident did NOT have insurance.
  • Under-Insured motorist: victim injuries or medical bills exceed the insurance coverage of the at-fault driver
  • Injured by a drunk-driver: the driver or a loved one were injured by a drunk driver

Although there are a number of reasons to enlist why you could use the help of a car accident attorney, the main reason is that the effects of an auto accident go far beyond the scene of the collision. Dealing with the parties involved and insurance companies can be a grueling inconvenience in addition to dealing with personal injuries or even a loss.

With the help of  Attorney José S. López as your dedicated auto accident attorney, you have the backing of a professional with extensive experience in helping victims by fighting for their legal rights. From collecting fair compensation from insurance companies to covering ongoing medical expenses, a skilled auto accident attorney dedicates their practice to helping victims get the financial freedom they deserve. It is advisable to contact an experienced Auto Accident Lawyer as soon as possible after the accident occurs to ensure a better case.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious auto accident resulting in bodily injury, please contact our office for a car accident attorney that will alleviate the burden of dealing with an insurance company and recover your medical expenses, pain, and suffering and lost wages.

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