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Houston Dog Bites Lawyers

A pet dog is the staple of many American households. They are typically friendly and fun, but sometimes “man’s best friend” can be overprotective of their owners and end up attacking an innocent person. Dog bites are a serious injury and can have devastating after-effects. In the most severe cases, the victim may be permanently disfigured requiring corrective surgery.

Strict Liability for Dog Bite Cases

Liability for compensation of medical expenses and pain and suffering is strictly the responsibility of the dog owner. You may have a solid case for suit if:

  • The person responsible for the dog on the day you were bit is the actual owner of the dog
  • You were legally permitted to be on-site where the dog attacked you
  • You were not threatening or violent at the time of the attack
  • You did not provoke the animal

Increase in Serious Dog Injuries

Based on dog bite statistics released in 2010 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), between 1993 and 2008:

  • Hospital admission for dog bites rose 86%
  • Emergency room visits climbed to 316,200
  • $18, 200 was the average bill for a hospital stay

Dog Bite Scarring

When a dog bites, they typically grab hold of the body part; serious dog bites are rarely superficial injuries. As a result, the scars from a dog bite could do some serious damage to a person’s muscles and tendons. The severity of a deep bite may require surgery to repair the wound and additional surgery to reduce the scarring.

Insurance Claims for Dog Bite Victims

Filing a claim for a dog bite incident is a sensitive situation because an individual person is being sued instead of a corporation. If you’ve been bitten by a loved one’s dog you know that it is an awkward situation to be in and can cause a lot of harm to the personal relationship. However, in most cases, dog bites are covered under homeowner’s insurance, so that your compensation isn’t coming directly from a friend or family member’s pocket.

If a dog has bitten you and you’re unsure of what to do next, call Attorney José S. López for a free consultation. They have extensive experience with dog bite injuries and will set you up with a customized strategy for your personal situation. They understand the sensitivity of a suit against a friend or family member and will be considerate and compassionate. It is advisable to contact our lawyers as soon as possible after the attack occurs to ensure a better case.

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